Inner goddess

imageTree of Life by Lee Lawson


For a panel discussion recently, I was asked to share the advice I would give young women on embracing their inner goddess. This is my response:


I am convinced that on August 21, 2017, at 10:15 in the morning California time, the balance between god-energy and goddess-energy tipped toward the goddess.

In preparation for the shift, our culture has been teetering between a Father-in-the-Sky-centered mythology to a mythology centered on ourselves, leaving out divinity altogether. Neither of those myths holds up anymore. The myth of the goddess, on the other hand, is gaining power.

Unlike God-with-a capital-G, of whom there is only one in the dominant monotheistic view, the goddess manifests in infinite ways. She is the spark in everything that makes it unique.

The goddess shows up when we value the present moment, when we value what we have over what we wish we had. As the future becomes less dependable, the present gains value. Now, more and more people will recognize the magic in the myriad of small things. The goddess hides in the ordinary. The dove is in the stone, as my teacher Alice O. Howell would say.

As the times get harder  – hurricanes, floods, droughts, earthquakes – and the loss of material goods and comfort becomes more widespread, a value shift always happens. It was palpable in the days following the fall of the Twin Towers. It happened in Houston after Harvey hit. It happens whenever there’s a disaster. At least for a little while, people begin to see the value of working together, of helping one another, of contributing to the good of the whole. We are all in this together, after all.

Embracing your inner goddess means finding that in yourself that only you can do, the unique way you that you alone can serve the greater good. That’s your purpose here on earth. That’s when God-with-a-capital-G becomes good-with-a-small-g, and the goddess in you recognizes herself everywhere.

4 thoughts on “Inner goddess

  1. Hi Eve. More and more I perceive God and Goddess as two sides of the same coin . And try to be conscious of the whole as much as possible. God is the Plan. Goddess is His manifestation. She is our true mother. We are Her body sustained by His Light .
    I just read your Dreams about thé changing room and liked it as I understood it as a deep healing of the little girl in you.
    Hugs, kisses. ..Christian

    • Yes, I think that too: yin and yang, or more accurately, yang and yin, in the West. But I also believe the last eclipse was the tipping point for our western, monotheistic civilization. The hierarchical mythology based on dualities – I and the other, heaven and earth, man’s dominion over the earth – is in decline, and an all-inclusive mythology, based on the value of everything and everybody to the whole, will rapidly gain adherents. It isn’t that this hasn’t been happening all along – the Age of Aquarius, the rise of the Feminine – but the shift seems to be speeding up.

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