Eve Neuhaus

Bio: An astrologer once told me I was born under a charmed sky. I wouldn't be rich but I'd always have enough. Funny thing, I did turn out to be rich, though not in the conventional sense. Today, in my 70's, I have everything anyone could want. The purpose of this blog is to share my treasures with you.

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    • Thank you so much, Susan. I was just reading something you wrote: the interview with Joe and Elisabeth in the SLO Journal a few years ago. Elisabeth is my next neighborhood interview here. I’m working on it now though it may not be the next piece I post.

  1. Dear Eve,
    best wishes to finally entering our age 🙂

    you hopefully remember us – Hedwig and me from Vienna Austria calling on you in 2011.
    It’s a good time now to keep a little promise I then made to you when I then took a photograph from a picture on a wall in your house showing a building in Vienna where your aunt lived in. I promised you to tell you the name and address: it’s Rabenhof in Vienna’s 3rd district. It’s an unusual perspective so I only now discovered that it really is it.

    When I now browsed you website I found the photographs of your parents and it struck me that I know the name of their friend Papanek, I even think to now the name of the man who warned you father to escape the Nazi-police (Felix Slavik) but I don’t the names of your parents whose moving story you told us. Could you tell me? I’d like to know all this because I want to tell a bunch of friends about our journey to California this weekend and maybe will write a small book about “our journeys to the lost neighbours” we would have had if the Nazis had not expelled or even killed them. Part of this eventually was our trip to California, too.
    my e mail-address is

    Looking forward to read some lines from you


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