Cats on Stools

I’ve recently begun a series of painted footstools featuring cats. This is the first one.
After choosing which stool I want to paint – I have a few on hand, some new, some old – I practice drawing the images I’ll put on it, and I start a search for the right quotation or poem for the bottom.

Then I paint the stool using acrylics. If I’m working on a stool for someone, I try to choose the right colors. Once the color is dry I begin on the design, usually on paper first and then on the stool.

Usually I add folk art designs at the end.

The second one in the series is in spring colors.

And now I’m beginning the sketches for the third one.

I haven’t had this much fun in a while!

22 thoughts on “Cats on Stools

  1. This is lovely. We hope we can cross the Channel on Sunday without having to swim and so be able to see the cat stools for ourselves next week!

  2. Art, fun, and beauty – it doesn’t get better than that😻 Oh, and cats, of course!

  3. Dusty is purring on my lap while I’m reading this and says what you’re creating is beautiful and that you have your priorities right; however, he points out that the footstool is more valuable when it has on it either a cushion or a lap, to maximize cat comfort!

    • It’s true about the cushion. But my cats use foot stools for a number of things, mostly involved with getting up a little higher, but occasionally for sitting under.

  4. Eve, I think they are whimsical, fun and beautiful. Know lots of cat lovers who would
    love one of your cat stools. you are sooo creative in all you do. Love comes thru

  5. Dear Eve,
    What joy and smiles you gave to us with these whimsical cats on stools!
    I admire your creativity and thank you for sharing your loving spirit.

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