Henri IV vs. Red Vienna

Not helpful.

Recently, most of my days have been taken up with writing query letters to literary agents and tweaking Red Vienna, the first volume of Two Suitcases. I even added a short new section. Today Henri IV thought it was time to take a break from it.

Moving to the desktop worked for a short time.

But he was determined. I gave up.

And he decided to take a nap in the kitchen.

A short time later, while waking from a second nap on the kitchen counter, the idea to open his own Instagram account occurred to Henri. I reopened my laptop. He agreed to stay off the keyboard temporarily so we could choose some pictures to share to get it started.

But first he wanted to wash up.

And adjust a few things.

After that, we set up his new site, @henriquatredecordes. Naturally he wanted a simpler name, but some other Henri IVs had already claimed them. Thus, he is forced to go by most of his whole name, which is Henry IV de Cordes.

Satisfied with his day’s work, he sat on his throne to wait for dinner,

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14 thoughts on “Henri IV vs. Red Vienna

  1. Delightful, comic relief!! Of course I mean that I will have relief just by observing Henri’s antics and your creative writing!!



  2. I believe Henri IV is simply reminding you and advising you that your book will be incomplete if it remains human-centric without telling the stories of the cats of Vienna–if it fails to point out that, while many of the primates of Vienna were falling prey to stupid and hurtful ideologies, the felines of that city remained true to the higher calling of retaining the inherently wise character of their species. If the book is, so far, cat-free, Henri may cease his interruptions of your work if you correct that oversight!

  3. Loved seeing Henri. How he has charmed me, being an ex-catwoman myself!
    So very much h enjoyed your post as I do not do social media and missed your news.
    We just celebrated Joe’s 104. He’s slowing down a bit but his mind keeps clicking away!
    Lots of love is sent your way!

    • Thanks, Virginia. He’s a great cat.

      I had a remarkably good conversation with Joe that day, before the military parade. He told me about their possible exposure to Covid with no fear at all. Elisabeth was jittery, he said. I was so relieved to hear they’d both tested. What a man!

      Love to you too!

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