Ninety Days outside the Schengen Area – Cordes and a California Christmas

After four weeks in Morocco, outside the Schengen area, Tom and I were home in Cordes-sur-Ciel for two delicious, story-filled weeks. How that place fills my heart!

window view Nov 2018
The view from our bedroom
le sentier bleue
Walking to the hardware store
reading corner
My reading place
Porte de la Jane
Full moon over Porte de la Jane
garden gate
A garden gate in Quartier du Bouisset, Cordes
A drive-through bakery in Albi.
Only in France.
Our first Thanksgiving in Cordes
The vibrant Christmas Market in Toulouse

We visited the market just before the yellow vest movement ruined it, disappointing holiday shoppers and devastating the vendors, many of whom depend on the holiday season to pay the whole year’s bills.

The yellow vests have legitimate complaints. The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. Surely change is needed – indeed it is upon us in full force – but I grew up in a mom and pop store, and I just spent several years pouring heart and soul into Mama Ganache. I feel for those vendors who just lost the years’ profits. A peaceful vigil would not have caught the attention of the world, but violence is not the answer.

Saying goodbye to Cordes. Mocha is staying with neighbors.

The next steps in our long term visa and my Austrian citizenship process required flying back to California, also outside the Schengen Area. We spent the holidays with beloved family and friends.

Pismo Pier
Visiting Eva and her new brother Noah
Decorating the Christmas tree in Berkeley
The beginning of a gingerbread Hogwarts
Fluffy sunning in Josephine and Frank’s garden
Santa Maria BBQ for lunch with Tom’s family
A Danish lunch in Solvang
Almost ready for Christmas dinner at Joanne’s
Christmas lobster!
Relaxing at our Airbnb.
At last!

8 thoughts on “Ninety Days outside the Schengen Area – Cordes and a California Christmas

  1. Lovely photographs!!!

    It all looks delicious. I am sorry to have missed you, or so it seems. Such a busy time, but now….resting into the New Year. Happy trails, wherever you may be!

  2. Eve, I have so enjoyed your travels and photos. Would love to personally see you while you are in SLO from 1/2 – 1/8. Maybe some of us can meet at what used to be Steynbergs for some
    refreshments and wonderful sharings. I am thinking of Arlene Winn, and a few others.
    Happy New Year to you and Tom…..Judy Jones

    • Eve, Thurs Jan 3rd at 10AM is good for me at 4Cats(Steynberg) I
      talked with Arlene yesterday. Will call her today. If there is anyone
      else you want to invite, let me know or contact them. I am very
      much looking forward to seeing and talking with you. What is
      a good contact # for for u while you in in SLO???/

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