Ninety days outside the Schengen area – the medina, Fès

For several days, Tom and I stayed in the Bird’s Nest, an upper room in Palais el Mokri, which is truly a palace, on a hilltop above the medina in Fès.

The view from our “dining room”

It was a little like staying at Miss Haversham’s place. Built in 1906 for the Pasha of Casablanca, his descendants are now restoring their magnificent inheritance, an enormous project, and renting out rooms on Airbnb. They’ll also cook for you, and bring very decent meals to your rooms.

The place is magnificent. Dilapidated, but magnificent – and worth every penny of the $23/night we spent to stay there!

Our dining room
The windows in our bedroom
Coming up the stairs into the Bird’s Nest
Doors in the Bird’s Nest
Looking out over Fès from our room. See the grass on the roof tiles?

Palais el Mokri is about a ten minute walk from the souks, museums, and restaurants of the medina, or old city, of Fès.

Here’s a peek into what we saw there:

The kitchen at Glaoui Palace
Artist at work
Pieces for sale
The souk in the medina
Snails for sale. Lots of them.
A man who was sitting on the ground shelling peas
A woman begging
Vegetables for sale
Dye pots
Newly dyed clothing
Street musicians
Supplies for making slippers
Cats are everywhere
Carrying a pile of empty sacks
Donkeys are common

10 thoughts on “Ninety days outside the Schengen area – the medina, Fès

  1. Who’s taking care of 4-footed child?
    What an adventure you are having. Everything I read on the expat pages talks
    about horrible experiences with French paper processing. Hope yours works
    out sooner rather than later.

  2. Beautiful photos, Eve. They remind me of a visit to Morocco back in the 80’s when I was living in the UK. I loved the true cultural foreignness of this area; another world!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures! What a life you and Tom are having!! Jack and I just got back from visiting the city of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. We are celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary! Of course I need to share some photos in time. Our love to you and Tom and your doggie!

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