Living in Cordes – Mornings

Most mornings I wake up before sunrise, open the shutters, roll out my rug and light a candle, and then do some stretches, breathe, and meditate for a while. When I open my eyes, the sun is up – or on its way up – and the view is so lovely, I try to save it in a photo.

These are some of the morning pictures I’ve taken. They begin in early August. The last one was taken this morning, the first day of fall.

11 thoughts on “Living in Cordes – Mornings

  1. The amazing thing is we can share these views and they really aren’t reduced in quality! We actually gave chase to a balloon yesterday. We took the bus to Albi, and the balloon and the bus seemed to be on the same path.

  2. Happy first day of Fall Tom and Eve! You do live in a very magical place! Love your celebrating your early mornings with photographs and sharing them with your many friends!

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