Living in Cordes – Beauty all around

Perhaps August is the most beautiful month of the year in this medieval village in southwest France, or maybe it only seems so because it’s the beginning of our new life here and we’re seeing everything with fresh eyes.

Either way, here’s a series of pictures from our first two weeks. A few, like the one above, were taken from our bedroom window first thing in the morning; the view is enchanting.

After dinner we usually climb the hill behind our house. This picture was taken about half way to the top.Our neighbor, Lilliane, who comes from Paris every summer, tells us the best restaurant in the village is at the Hostellerie du Vieux Cordes. Rochelle, Tom, and I sat on the patio there, shaded by a 300 year old wisteria, until a thunderstorm chased us inside. Even inside it was dramatic. As I took the last bite of my oeufs brouillé au truffes (the English menu called them “blurred eggs with truffles”) one of the tall casement windows blew open with a bang, startling everyone in the room.

Later we sheltered under the roof of Les Halles, the covered square at the top of the village, and watched as lightning lit up the sky above the museum of contemporary art, once one of the grand houses of the village.When taking the footpath from our house to the lower village, bring a bucket for all the wild fruit: blackberries, plums, quince, apples and grapes.

I think my favorite meal is soup, salad, and bread, with a Gaillac rosé.

One day we were greeted by traditional Occitan music and dancing when we got off the bus from Albi.

Another view from the window:

A doorway on our street:

After Rochelle left, Garrett, Chris, and Ed visited. Garrett cooked us a spectacular Sichuan Chinese meal.

A walk in the upper village:

And a visit to the Musèe Charles Portal, the history and archeology museum, which rises high above the western gate to the city, the Charles Portal.

Lace-making machinery from the early 20th century:

And more morning pictures:

Including some hot air balloons which floated gently over the village at daybreak.

Really, what more could anyone ask?

12 thoughts on “Living in Cordes – Beauty all around

  1. We are living in your beautiful words, pictures and contemplation, Eve. What a refreshing start to the day and week! You are an inspiration to all of us!!

  2. My god, Eve, your photographic art is breathtaking. Such an eye for beauty! I am so glad you and Tom embarked on this new life and that you are sharing it. Your posts have become a lovely part of my life. Thank you.
    Your Pacifica sister,

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Some beautiful pictures I haven’t seen before. It seems you have made a really good move, worth all of the tribulation of emptying your huge house, securing EU citizenship, selling the chocolate business, etc., etc. YOU DID IT! YOU’RE DOING IT!

  4. We are simply speechless.Every post, we are anxious and enthusiastic to devour! So utterly beautiful. We are incredibly happy for you and your adventurous yet gentle step back in time. Hooray!

  5. What incredible bounty surrounds you, and your writing makes it all come alive!
    I would love to come visit you and your new world.
    Bless you for sharing your days with us.
    I so look forward to your posts….

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