Farewell Tour – Chicago to the Finger Lakes

Our visit to Chicago was packed with visits with friends, and Tom’s uncle and aunt, who took us to the Holocaust Museum  and the Botanical Garden. It was much too short!qrVM8qK9T9mr81d15NMJ0Q

A day-long drive through Indiana and Ohio followed.

We arrived in Athens just in time to join a not-so-silent vigil, the 54th anniversary of such activities with my middle and high school friend, Wendy McVicker.


Our three days with Wendy and her husband John were the perfect birthday gift.

Next, we spent the night in Pittsburgh with Tom’s cousin, Barbara, feisty activist lawyer, who took us to the best barbecue place in town for dinner and a classic diner for breakfast.

On our way to the Finger Lakes region we stopped in Cleveland to have lunch with Tom’s marine biology professor at Oberlin.


Our stay in Trumansburg merits a page of its own, so I’ll send this off into cyberspace before sharing that.

Love to you all!

7 thoughts on “Farewell Tour – Chicago to the Finger Lakes

  1. Thank you for sharing your farewell drive through the US. Did you end up seeing Uncle Frank and Rosemary in Chicago? Maybe I missed their pics. Love you both so much.

  2. Happy Birthday, Eve! I’m a July baby too! It would be fun to know where you’re headed next. Ithaca? Bershires? Cape Cod? Born in Ohio, I have peeps all thru that area & the East, so I’m vicariously enjoying your journey too!

  3. And now it is August the 1st dear Tom and Eve! I think this is the day you are flying to France? Jack and I just returned from visiting our Family in Boulder. My two Granddaughters, Maya, age four and her two year old sister, Aria were wonderful to see! Jack and I send you our love and best wishes!

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