Spiral dream: Redemption

Ever since I was a very young child, I’ve had dreams that center on a conical spiral in one manifestation or another. William Butler Yeats called it a gyre.

The earliest ones I remember are nightmares. I’m with my mother on a path up a hill, mountain, or a pyramid, and the ground falls out from under me. She cannot save me.

Later I’m on my own on the path, always spiraling upward, never easy. But sometimes when the path collapses or the land slides, I can save myself.

When I was in my late 20’s and Ganesh Baba was part of my daily life, I reached the top of the mountain for the first time. In that dream, the path near the top is so steep and narrow that I can pull myself directly up by using it as a foothold. Still the mountain is steeper and steeper. When I’m sure I can’t go on and that I’m about to slide down that precipitous cliff, I see that my mother is at the top. She reaches down for my hand like Michelangelo’s God in the Sistine Chapel and pulls me up.

I imagined, at that time of my life, that the series would end – but I was wrong. The dreams continue to this day. Sometimes I reach the top, sometimes I am in the middle or at the bottom. Sometimes the mountain is wooded, sometimes I’m climbing a tower, sometimes I’m in the desert. Sometimes the conical spiral takes the form of a Christmas tree or a seashell.

When I began my studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute, I dreamed that I was slogging through a stream at the bottom of the mountain carrying my suitcases. I couldn’t even get to the first level until Tom came by above me, took the suitcases and pulled me up to the first level.

Last night this dream came to me:

In a post-apocalyptic urban setting I am tutoring two little girls, one about eight or nine years old and the other about six. The older one is not receptive to what I am trying do with her, so I take the younger one with me when I go for a walk.

We discover a nearly intact church and go inside. The enormous space is empty. Light enters in shafts through broken windows set high on the walls. There is nothing in the nave. We turn toward the back of the church to leave and I see that a wrought iron spiral staircase, maybe four meters high, has been pushed into the middle of the floor.

From our left, a line of green and gold robed figures files into the room. The first of them climbs up the stairs and stops at the top, the next stops a few steps down, the next a step or two lower, until the stairs are full. The rest of the group stands in a neat line below.

The man at the top begins to sing Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” One by one the others join in until they are all singing in glorious harmony.

The child and I are moved to tears.

Wanting to share the experience with the older child, the little one and I leave the church and walk back the way we came. We pass a ragged man in a wheelchair made out of a wooden cart and we tell him about the song. The child sings.

I wake hearing it.

20 thoughts on “Spiral dream: Redemption

    • I know. It’s a really interesting dream, a helix dream rather than a conical spiral, though in the family. Reminds me DNA and kundalini. And the song! That takes me all over the place.

  1. Eve, this is a beautiful story and how it evolves with you throughout your life! Wow. I’ve never explored some of my dreams but now I want to know about one particular one I had as a child as well. And I seem to be waking up in the middle of dreams learning I dream in color! Never knew that before. I haven’t been too active in the Social Media world. but O truly appreciate hearing from you, my fellow artist friend. Many thanks and love to you and Tom, Lin

    • Isn’t that something, when you realize your’e dreaming in color?! Thanks so much for your comments and your warm wishes.
      Joanne showed us your latest Splash mural – I love it, as always.

  2. ONe more thing, I had to share that cover of Bob Marley’s song on Facebook. lol. Loved it. Thank you. -Lin

  3. Thanks for including me in that, Eve. So powerful! No wonder you were moved to tears. xxx

    Ps I tried to comment, couldn’t, and now I think I might have done it twice. Apologies if that’s the case šŸ˜¦

  4. Thanks Eve. Iā€™m imagining that most of the readers of this are trying to fit their own repeating dreams in relation to yours. I donā€™t know if most people have reoccurring dreams. I do. Sometimes, this dream is once is a while. Then other times this dream is repeated often over a short number of days. Thank you for the insight you have provided.

    Rick B

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    • I think they’re pretty common, but lots of people don’t remember their dreams at all. I’ve been recording the spiral dreams for many years, so I remember them well. Once Tom and I had one simultaneously!

  5. Dear Eve, how you express your journey through the repeated spiral is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing this most intimate part of yourself. I feel moved and elevated by y9our words. And to conclude with B.Marley’s Redemption song, sung in this manner as if a spiral around the world was Beautiful

    • Ah, I hadn’t thought of that!
      It’s a hopeful dream in the end, but the setting was something out of Cormac McCarthy. The message is like Camus: ” In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.ā€

      Still, when Tom told me the US was considering putting France on the red list – no incoming travelers – I again felt that the only way this virus will let up is if we completely change they way we relate to the earth. No fossil fuels, no cutting down the forests, no factory farming, you know the litany. How long will that take? Is a global catastrophe the scale of the dinosaurs disappearing necessary?

      The dream is a kundalini dream. The staircase is a helix. I think it is saying that redemption can come through from the higher channels available through deep meditation.

  6. Dear Eve
    of course these spiral dreams are about meditation and I am not surprised you had this one while intensely practicing. I understand the myth of Jacob’s ladder as related to the same process of going up and down the spine with the mantra to harmonize ans spiritualize each chakra (Kriya). The angels are the singers you saw in your dream.
    The actual result of Crea practice is to “emancipate yourself from mental slavery”.

    • Hello Christian,

      Yes, that’s exactly it. The way the singers joined in one by one in harmony struck me right away. I’m surprised they weren’t dressed in rainbow colors!

      I hadn’t made the connection to ā€œemancipate yourself from mental slaveryā€ but that’s exactly the line that I woke up to.

      Many thanks for your reply. Maybe there’ll be an opportunity for a visit in the coming months? Sending lots of love.

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