Carpet Magic

When you clean house as much as I do, vacuum cleaners matter.

My old Oreck had always been too heavy and I’d been checking out possibilities at the store when my son’s girlfriend showed me her new cordless Dyson a couple weeks ago. Decision made, 20% off coupon in my bag, I went back to the store to make the purchase.

There it was, up on a shelf, and it was on sale, $100 off – except there weren’t any among the boxes under the display. An employee was right there though, and after some searching, told me there should be four left on another display at the front of the store. By the time we wound through the aisles to the front, there was one left.

They let me use my coupon AND the $100 discount.

The new vacuum cleaner is amazing.Dyson

How fortunate is that!

A few days later, while admiring my wonderfully dust-free carpets, I realized how much they needed a good deep steam-cleaning. I thought about renting a carpet-cleaner at the supermarket.

But, walking the dog this morning, I discovered that one of my neighbors had put just such a carpet-cleaner in front of his house with FREE sign on it. Obviously, it was for me – I took it home.

It’s a Eureka and not old – I don’t know whether it works yet – but it’s got a sticker on the front saying CLEANS CARPETS BETTER THAN DYSON.


I’ll try it out tomorrow.

Amazing grace.

One thought on “Carpet Magic

  1. Oh, Eve, lovely story ~ we always say St. Manifestor & St. Timing give us what we need when we need it ~ and these days (we are traveling) we trust our itinerary to St. Sara Dippity💚🌿 and have the most marvelous adventures. love, Jacki & Paul

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